Hi! My name is Abby and my passion lies in health and wellness. I started this website to inspire others with my story and to provide a resource for you to find eczema products that can help you or a loved one.

The journey of having any physical disease can be very difficult and challenging – so today, I enjoy focusing and continually learning about nutrition and the benefits that it can provide to the body. I am also here to answer any questions that you might have!

Below are my before and after photos. You can also read more about my story in detail below, learn more about what ingredients to avoid, the recommended shampoo products, or shop for great natural eczema products that won’t irritate your scalp.



Before – during my high school prom – when the eczema flared up all over my arms and chest. It was the most difficult time.


cure eczema naturally

Today – after working on healing my body from the inside out and using natural eczema products!


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My story
I was born with eczema, and have lived with it for over 10 years – and today I am mostly eczema free. I am currently in my mid 20’s – but when I was 15 – my eczema suddenly became so severe, that my body was covered with it and I used to wake up with blood and dead skin flakes all over my bed. My legs looked like they were burned, and the flakes were so big and so numerous that I could sweep it and it would become like a large pile of sand on my floor. I was so afraid.

shampoo for eczema

Severe eczema on my leg


severe eczema on my leg

At times it looked like my leg was burned


eczema healing

…and today my eczema is healed!!!

I would walk down the streets with people looking at me, and I was constantly seeing doctors on a weekly basis for steroid medication, cortisone cream, or check ups – that did not help. The doctors said I would never heal. It was painful to walk (because of the eczema on my knees and joints), wash my face, and my whole body would sting when I showered. I was afraid to see people – and afraid of what others thought of me. I was unable to wear t-shirts during the hot summer; it was very traumatic, and I kept praying and praying for God to cure me.

When I was young, I really believed that eczema had ruined my life – because it stopped me from doing things I wanted to do. I lived in Hong Kong at that time, and whenever I went back to Canada for the summers, my skin would naturally heal for some strange reason (maybe due to environmental reasons or dietary changes). Eventually, when I was 17, I moved back to Canada for good to start university. Luckily, my skin healed itself naturally, but it did not solve the cause of the eczema. My skin would have mild eczema during the hot summers. But for some reason, when I was 25, my skin flared up very severely – for no particular reason.


Before – during my high school prom – when the eczema flared up all over my arms and chest. It was the most difficult time.

cure eczema naturally

Today – so much of the eczema gone! This is a picture of me and my best friend a few years ago.

Everyone around me was very worried for me – my family, my boyfriend, my friends. I was scared and very discouraged. I felt the physical pain and relived the moments of childhood again. My work even gave me unlimited sick days and work-from-home days, as they saw how tough it was for me.


Before – You can’t really tell, but my face was so red and painful that I would try to cover it with a hat.

Finally – I saw a naturopath, and was told that it was food sensitivities and my sensitivities to different products that were causing it. I did muscle testing to figure out which foods and environmental sensitivities I had. For the next few months, I used clean products (that were natural without chemicals) and I also went on an elimination diet. I switched to hypoallergenic shampoos, which helped lessen the toxic load on my body; I also ate a vegetarian diet for 2 months, as my body had become so sensitive that whenever I ate the wrong foods (mainly sugar, wheat, and sauces), my digestive system and my body would begin to break out in eczema (and it would also tingle the moment I ate something wrong).

cure eczema naturally

Today – so much of the eczema has gone. Nourish your body inside out :)

As I eliminated the allergens – wheat, sugar, MSG, and processed foods – and filled my body with the nutrients that it lacked and needed (i.e. lots of vegetables, fruits, whole grains, and superfoods), within 2 months, my body experienced dramatic healing. This was miraculous! It had never happened before. I witnessed the power of food, as the greatest medicine that could cure my body. 

cure eczema naturally

My boyfriend would make me food that I could eat – like this oatmeal breakfast with berries to help me in the difficult times.

Conventional medicine was not able to help me – nor were conventional doctors. They said that diet did not play a part in it – yet they were wrong.

As time went on, and I treated my body well, my body began to heal; my digestive system grew stronger, and I stopped tingling and reacting to foods I was sensitive to. Today, I am able to eat normal foods once again. I am also able to process toxins much better because I use great natural creams and shampoos for eczema – and I also feed my body the nutrients it needs on a daily basis :)

eczema free

My boyfriend and I. He was really scared when everything flared up – but he didn’t leave and stayed to support me! It really made a big difference.

It was a very scary experience. Most of the eczema is gone now (with the exception of a few scars still healing), but I hope to inspire you with my story, and to let you know that…if you keep persevering, and giving your body what it needs – it will heal. :)

eczema free

Enjoy life and nourish your body inside out! Take great care of your body and it will take care of you ;)

If you’d like to get in contact with me, you can email: shampooforeczema@gmail.com.

A special thank you to Jesus, my boyfriend, brother, and wonderful parents for playing such a big role in helping me heal. :)





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About Me

About Me Hi! My name is Abby and I started this website because of my own battle with severe eczema, which doctors said would never cure. It took me years to finally overcome - but I am finally eczema free! I hope that this site will be an inspiration and a resource to help you find the best eczema products to help you cure your eczema naturally.

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