Q&A: What moisturizers do I use for eczema?

shea butter for eczema

I receive a lot of emails from this site, and one of the most common emails I get is: what do you use for moisturizer?

A lot of visitors to this site aren’t just looking for a great shampoo for an itchy scalp, but also for the best moisturizer, body wash, and face wash for eczema.

Finding a great moisturizer is as important as finding a great shampoo.

face skin eczema

Up to 60% of the ingredients you put will get absorbed into your body.… Read the rest

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Review: How Good is This Theraneem Shampoo?

theraneem shampoo

TheraNeem Shampoo is one of the first “all natural” shampoos that I ever bought when I began shopping for more natural products for eczema. I chose it because I was really into discovering more about “neem” – which is a superpower plant that is designed to treat scalp issues like eczema.

theraneem shampoo eczema

One of the things that prompted me to try it was because I saw it in a health food store, and I’ve also read numerous great reviews about it.… Read the rest

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What body wash for eczema do you recommend?

dr. bronners soap for eczema

Before I start writing – I just want to say, hooray! Thank you for all the visitors who stop by the site and leave me emails to say that you have learned something from my site. It has been very encouraging to hear that – and it is even more encouraging that my site has been getting over 100 views a day! :)

I have also been getting a lot of emails lately on what type of body wash I use.… Read the rest

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Diet and Eczema: Part 2 – Heal Eczema Through Diet

eczema and food

Food affects eczema more than you think. In the last post, we investigated how gluten can affect eczema in a myriad of ways. If this is the case, then we should focus on not just finding the best shampoo for eczema, but the right diet to cure your eczema (watch the video below).

Each and every food you eat has a different chemical effect on your body. From the moment you swallow your food, to the moment it is digested –  food releases chemical properties that will either switch on your body’s inflammatory signal or switch off the inflammatory signal.… Read the rest

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Diet and Eczema: Part 1 – The Link Between Gluten and Eczema

junk food eczema

Remember: the key to healing eczema is to cure it from the inside out, not from the outside in. 

Food is your medicine eczema

Anything that you put on your body is just as important as what you eat. Diet can play an extremely large role in how your eczema flares up. When it comes to people who try to lose weight, there is a saying that weight is “70% what you eat, and 30% exercise.” This is no different when it comes to eczema: what you put into your body breaks down into nutrients that make up every cell and skin cell inside your body.Read the rest

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Tea Tree Oil as an Alternative for Shampoo and Eczema

tea tree oil and eczema

If you have ever been plagued by eczema, and have had a hard time finding a great shampoo for eczema, you know that shampoos which contain harsh chemicals may do more harm than good. If you are more on the chemical conscious side, and want an alternative to place on your scalp, tea tree oil can be an effective remedy for scalp and eczema shampoo.

Tea tree oil has been used for hundreds of years as an antiseptic, antibiotic, insect repellant and antifungal treatment.… Read the rest

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What’s the top harshest ingredients you should avoid?

toxic products to eczema

What ingredients do you look for when searching for the best cream or best shampoo for eczema? Do you pay close attention to what goes into your shampoo?

The personal care products are a $50 billion industry – especially in the United States. But what if you were told that the personal care products you are using actually increases your risk for hair and skin damage, immunological problems, and possibly even cancer.… Read the rest

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Which Products for Eczema Should You Avoid?

harmful ingredients to avoid in shampoo

It is important to choose the best shampoo for eczema; the type of shampoo and cream you end up using to treat your eczema is incredibly significant because your skin will absorb 60% of the topical products that you put on it. This means that if you use vaseline topically onto your body, (which is made from the residue of petroleum after most of it is distilled), you are essentially absorbing petroleum residue into your body. … Read the rest

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Shower Tips to Soothe Your Eczema

shampoo and eczema

Aside from having a great scalp shampoo for eczema, having the right shower knowledge can help or harm your eczema. Just as the right type of shampoo for eczema can soothe your skin, the wrong ones can also irritate it and contribute to more flare-ups. In addition, even the temperature of the water you use can have an immense effect on your body. You can use these tips below to help soothe your eczema.… Read the rest

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101 Tips for Living With Eczema

tips for eczema

Here are 101 tips to help you bring relief and overcome your battle with eczema (courtesy of the Eczema Organization in Australia). It takes small changes to make a big difference – so be sure not to overlook anything small. Using the right shampoo is just one of the ways to bring relief to your eczema, but there are many other ways as well. Once you discover the root of your eczema, you can always find a way to cure your eczema naturally.… Read the rest

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Is Your Shampoo Causing Your Eczema?

ban sulfates in eczema

Most believe that if a product is sold in store – it should be safe. But what if your shampoo causes your eczema instead?

Unfortunately, with products, there are minimal warnings and very little regulations, especially for hair care products.

sodium laurel sulfate shampoo and eczema

In some countries such as Australia, eight out of ten shampoos sold, are ‘sulfate’ cleaners.  The most common of these, is Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS). SLS is used in industrial products such as car wash soap, engine degreasers, floor cleaners – and also in soaps and shampoos.… Read the rest

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Review: Johnson and Johnson Baby Shampoo

Johnson and Johnson Baby Shampoo

Johnson & Johnson’s annual company sales exceeds $65 billion (in 2012). They also carry a popular baby shampoo used worldwide – but how good is this shampoo for babies, and how safe is it?

User reviews have claimed that the dermatitis around their scalp completely cleared up after using this product. It also works as a face wash and a gentle cleanser to remove makeup in adults. However, some who have used this product also claim that it doesn’t properly clean their hair; instead, it leads to a build up of residue (which may be due to the fact that it is formulated for babies).

Read the rest
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What is the difference between dandruff and eczema?

difference between dandruff and eczema

Often, people can confuse these two terms. There is a difference though, however. Knowing the difference between the two can greatly help you to correct and treat the issue.

What is dandruff?

Dandruff can be characterised by loose flakes of skin which are normally white in colour. Itching can also be sometimes involved, but not as severe. Dandruff is not caused by dryness, but rather too much oil (sebum).

What is eczema?Read the rest

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Tips for Scalp Eczema


Scalp eczema can be frustrating to treat. At times the itching can be unbearable – but it is manageable.

Here are a few tips to treat scalp eczema and dandruff: 

  • Avoid hair styling products:
    If you’re a regular user of hair gels, mousse and spray, your scalp will thank you if you can start to use less hair products. Hair-styling products contain a lot of chemicals which have a tendency to dry the scalp, which can make itching and dandruff worse.
Read the rest
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Review of Head & Shoulders Shampoo – does it work?

head and shoulders scalp eczema

Did you know that Head & Shoulders was the best-selling shampoo in the world during 2012? About 110 bottles of this anti- dandruff formula were sold every minute in 2012 – which is a total of 29 million bottle sales a year. Is it a fad or does it really work to help cure eczema?

Head and Shoulders claims that the active ingredient that helps make their shampoo effective for eczema is zinc pyrithione.Read the rest

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